I am dedicated to the art of storytelling... 

...specializing in the craft of motion picture and I have enjoyed this pursuit since I was little. After commandeering our home video camera as my tool of choice I asked for editing software one year for Christmas. From that point on it was a long haul of passion and a continued desire to progress in my ability.

I began this journey in performance, as an actor and musician starting at the age of 10. I attended a performing arts high school outside of Chicago as well as participating in community acting workshops, plays and musicals. The love of complex mastery I learned in orchestra, scrubbing away in the violin section, has never left me and I often find myself gravitating toward classical music for inspiration.

When it came time for college I tailored that life experience to revolve entirely around watching films, writing films, making films, critiquing films. The laser-focus of my orientation toward the craft of cinema was monastic.
After college I leveraged every opportunity I could to further my skills in as many parts of the world as I could. I began my professional career by working on 5 continents in a variety of productions including documentaries, music videos, ads, and narrative cinema. A theme of cross-cultural interaction runs through much of my work.

In 2013 I shot my first feature as a cinematographer in the Philippines (Where Love Found Me, available now on Amazon and Wal Mart through Sony Distribution). In 2016 I narrowed my focus to creating original content. I have written, directed and produced 3 live-action short films, 2 animated shorts and 2 feature screenplays as well as a collection of short stories.

I am a nerd for the physics of light and motion. And the form and purpose of storytelling is how I interact with the world. I love the audience. I think about them as I craft my stories. I want them to experience a piece of the joy and anguish I have known. It is from love that all of this comes.