1. Coca Love
    Jamar is in love with Claire. And it's killing him. Claire is in love with what Jamar sells. And it's killing her. A journey of the madness and bliss of love.
  2. How To Get Married in 117 Days
    Archeological clues lead to an ancient civilization buried beneath the San Bernardino Mountains. Two explorers make the journey to discover it...and something else along the way.
  3. The Scenic Backyard
    A mockumentary starring the comical natural characters of the suburban midwest.
  4. Charlotte
    A music video made for the YouTube artist Alex G.
  5. Macro
    A film about small spaces.
  6. Reflex Homme Editorial
    A fashion film starring Wilhelmina's Matthew Noszka.
  7. Good City
    A promotional video for an inner-city mentorship program called Good City Mentors.
  8. Cuts of the Globe
    A compilation of works from several of my international and US jobs.
  9. Ouch Shoes
    This ad was made for an Italian shoe company called OUCH!
  10. Someone's Country
    A documentary about a clash of cultures between American college students and Indigenous Australians as they both seek to understand identity in a changing world.
  11. Surfboard Cali
    Dir. Ty Tuin The official music video for the hit song from Soup's newest album "Still in Fullee Love".